Jess Scottish BBW

Touring. Other dates and places still to be added so keep checking. x


Oct 6th-Coalville 2pm till late.

October 7th-Maidstone for 4 days.

October 11th-Maidenhead for 2 days.

October 13th-Cardiff for 4 days.

October 21st-Gloucester for 2 days.

October 23rd-Banbury for 3 days.

Oct 25th-Borehamwood

Oct 30th-Glasgow

Nov 1-Irvine for one week.

Nov 9th-Enniskillen for 3 days.

Nov 13th-Stirling for 4 days.

Nov 23rd-Paisley for 3 days.

Remainder of November and December will be Central Belt.

December 7th for 4 days-Motherwell.

Jan 3rd for 4 days-Belfast.

Jan 7th for 3 days-Wirral

Jan 10th for 2 days-Cheadle.

Jan 12th for 3 days-Durham

January 15th for 4 days-Darlington.

January 22nd-Brome for 4 nights.

Jan 26th for 3 nights-Brighouse.

January 30th for 5 days-Glasgow.

Feb 5th for 3 days-Edinburgh.