Touring. Other dates and places still to be added so keep checking. x

Today-Dundee for 3 days. X Call me on 07599674482


Friday for 4 days-Coatbridge.

April 4th for 3 days-Falkirk

April 15th-Home visits in any G, PA, FK or ML postcode. X

April 16th for 5 days-Irvine.

April 22nd for 6 nights-Enniskillen.

April 28th-Home visits in any KA, PA, ML, or G postcodes. X

April 30th for 4 days-Paisley.

May 7th for 6 days-Darlington.

May 13th-Leeds Morley for 2 days.

May 21st-Enfield for a week.

June 3rd-Dunfermline for 6 days.

June 11th for 4 days-Belfast.

June 15th for 4 days-Derry

June 18th for 4 days-Will decide between Belfast and Derry.

July 16th for 5 days-Norwich.

July 21st for 5 days-Ipswich

July 22nd for 3 days-Bishop Stortford.

July 25th for a week-Enfield.

August 2nd-Watford for 4 days.

Aug 6th-Walsall for 4 days.

Aug 10th-Cardiff for 1 day.

Aug 11th-Exeter for 3 days.

Aug 14th-Taunton for 3 days.

Aug 17th-Gerrards Cross for 2 days.

Aug19th-Enfield for a week.

All else will be arranged at a later date.