Today-Darlington for 4 days.

Monday-Coalville for 2 days.

April 22nd-Letterkenny for one week.

April 29th-Derry for one week

May 6th-To be arranged.

May 7th-Bundoran for one week.

May 14-Eastleigh for 3 days.

May 21-Falkirk for 3 days.The Thursday will be a half day.

May 28th-Middlesbrough for 5 days.

June 2nd-Forres for 4 days.

June 9th-Irvine for 4 days.

June 22nd-Belfast

June 23rd-Enniskillen for 6 days.

June 29th-Omagh for 2 days.

July 1st-Coleraine for one week.

July 8th-Belfast for a week.

July 15th-Limerick for one week.

July 22nd-Ireland/Northern Ireland till August 2nd.

Aug 5th-Wirral for 4 days.

August 12th-Ireland/Northern Ireland 12th August till August 30th.

Sunday 1st September-Newcastle.

September 2nd-Middlesbrough for 5 days.

September 7th-Taunton for 4 days.

September 11th-Exeter for 5 days.

September 16th-Cardiff for 2 days.

September 18th-Banbury for 4 days.

September 23rd-Ipswich for 3 days.

September 26th-Wetherby for 2 days.

September 28th-Whitley Bay for 4 days.

October 2nd-Carlisle M6 J44 for 2 days.

October 4th till October 27th-Not working.

Oct 28th-Waterford for 2 days.

Oct 30th-Cork for 2 days.

Nov 1st-Tralee for 2 days.

Nov 3rd-Galway for 2 days.

Nov 5th-Sligo for 2 days.

Nov 7th-Cavan for 2 days.

November 14th-Hemel for 3 days.

November 25th-Derry for a week.

December-Home visits only in any G, FK, PA or ML postcode.